Blog Closed!

Hi people that still seem to visit this long abandoned blog! I suppose I should have put a message up earlier but this blog closed last year.
I recently started a fabric store and a fresh blog hereThanks to everyone that visited me in this space and all the friends I have met. Please come to my new spot.

I'll leave here with some photos....

Coin Pouches

I have missed the blogging community and although was contemplating abandoning this blog I decided to pop in and share my latest coin pouches! :)
I used 3 inch zippers from zipit and some of my Japanese fabric I have laying around. The little prints work great for small projects.

Right now they are piling up in my sewing room. Maybe when I have some extra time I can put them on Etsy.

They are perfect for coins, chapstick, ear buds, and other little items that get lost in a purse. I have almost run out of the 3 inch zippers but am probably going to order more just because I enjoy making these so much.
What have you been making lately that has really inspired you to sew?

I've been having a hard time getting motivated to create these past couple of months which is also why I haven't been blogging or reading blogs. I'm hoping it's just the winter blues and things will go back to normal soon.

break :(

Just popping in to say my computer has crashed (ad-ware virus grrr) so that is why I havent been around. I have been reading blogs on my phone but it's really annoying commenting using my phone because the screen is so small and the autocorrect is a pain. Hopefully my computer will be back soon....or maybe i'll just get an ipad. ;)

**photo from my Flickr account before the computer drama started. I'll have lots of fun patchwork projects to share when I'm back**

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2011

So I've never participated in Amy's Quilt Festival before but figured why not? So here I am :)

I decided to share my Good Folks quilt which I started in March 2009. It took forever to finish it. Especially since I only have made 4 quilts in my lifetime so I am extremely slow once it gets to the quilting and binding part.

I never did blog or upload photos on this particular quilt when it was finished. Not sure why because I do love it. I am curious to see what it does in the first wash though. It's been folded on the corner of our couch forever.

I did a disappearing 9 patch pattern and random free motion quilting. I love Anna Maria's fabric lines they are so rich and give a cozy feeling.

At least I was prepared with this fabric line and still have enough left over for possibly another quilt. Maybe for next years festival!  :)

Click here or the button at the top to visit the festival and see other lovely quilts.