The Party Dress Book

The Party Dress book by Mary Adams is a really wonderful read.
There are beautiful photos and instructions and pattern on how to create your own party dress.
Here are a few of the photos inside that I love...

I am not a big party kind of person (anymore) so won't really have an occasion to wear one of these too. Still, I think they are neat and different and plan on making at least one sometime soon.


So I am still sick and it's frustrating because days have gone by and I've felt too bad to do anything creative.

I DID feel much better though when this package arrived.

Habitat Stack
Isn't this fabric line wonderful? It's Jay McCarroll's Habitat and I I haven't been this obsessed about a line since AMH Good Folks.
Once I saw the fabric in person I realized I should have gotten more. This is the City collection. There are two more and I think I am going to get both in fat quarter bundles and then maybe a yard of my favorites.
I want to make a zig-zag quilt like this (4th photo down).
Anyways, I will wait and see if I can find more in another shop. If not I guess I'll have to bother Spool again. :)

City fqs
Sadly I won't get to sew anything with it for awhile since I am going to Florida in a couple days. My work office is moving and we have to be off next week. I would love to sew during that time but I really need to get out in some warm weather and get some vitamin D.

be back soooon