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Happy Halloween!

Sugar Cookies
Not much crafting has been done this weekend with the Halloween holiday and all. Personally Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I really do not like the color orange...or yellow.....or red. Basically all the colors you see revolving around Halloween.
However, I do like looking at all the kids in their costumes and our family Halloween party so I figured I could suck it up and take some pictures anyway to humor my family members.

Halloween 029
Friday we had our family party which consisted of lots of really good food. There was even a fondue fountain which I messed up by losing my strawberry in.

Halloween 019
Halloween 018

Halloween 038

Halloween 031

Halloween 035
Halloween 036
Halloween 040

Toppers via Bake It Pretty

Halloween 027
Halloween 025
Saturday we were at Hoopla (fall festival type event) most of the day since we don't trick or treat but maybe today I'll get some time in my loft. I also need to work on my blog too. I don't know if my links on the sidebar will be gone tomorrow once Bloglines closes or not but don't want to take the chance.
Hope everyone has a great Halloween.  :)

Halloween 012


{Photo} Friday

I haven't done a Photo Friday in a while but loved this little ornament from Cindy (no blog) and thought it looked so pretty hanging by my fabric. I just had to share it so thanks for indulging me. :)

My Creative Space 5

Weekendcrafting 006
My creative space this week is pretty much filled up with Heather Ross "coins".
I've gotten out all my Heather fabric and have been chopping away so hopefully I can start this coin quilt soon.

Weekendcrafting 008
After going through all the different pieces I wish I had just a few more. I may take what's left of the HR sale that I haven't cut up and try and swap it for some different prints. My goal is to have at least started with sewing by the end of the year but you know how that goes.......
For more spaces go to Kirsty's!

Weekendcrafting 011

Craft Book Wish List

I was poking around online and noticed a few books I hadn't seen before and thought I would share.
These images are from Amazon. Click them to go to the product page.
(The Amazon referrel program is not available to NC residents so this isn't a plug for points here by the way)
Some nice quilty books:

The next three I am obsessing over. I will probably order them soon even though the bottom two are pre-orders.



Button Bracelets

Creative 032

Button bracelets are everywhere. However, for some reason I never made one for myself. I have jars and jars of various vintage buttons and decided to make one the other night while watching a movie.

Creative 027
I really love how it came out and it gave me something creative to do while I waited for the weekend. Tomorrow I'll post some of my progress from Danita's course.
I'm absolutely loving it and have been learning lots of new techniques.

At some point this weekend I need to do some work on here. Bloglines is shutting down in a couple weeks which is going to mess up my whole blog reading and link list. Does anyone recommend a good reader? I really liked how when I added a blog to my bloglines it automatically put it on my sidebar here. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment or email me.
Aside from my reader issues it's about time to change the ole summer banner up there. I did so love that photo though and will miss it.

Hope everyone is having a creative weekend.  :)

Creative 036

My Creative Space 4

This is what I have stacked up all over my desk this week.

Creative 013 copy

A pile of miniture fabric squares to piece together. I'm not sure what they will become as of now but it will be nice to have them all sewn together.

For more creative spaces head over here  :)

Heather Ross Studio Sale

Best mail day EVER!!

My Heather Ross loot came and I couldn't be more pleased with my package. Here are some close ups and details of what I got :

These two were the ones I requested and I am most excited about. They are going to go right into my coin quilt asap. I got at least a fat quarter out of them.

Creative 019
Creative 023

The Rabbits & Racecars was maybe fat eighths size? I didn't have any of that print yet so into the coin quilt it will go.

Creative 020

 I got a pretty decent sized piece of this but am not sure what line it's's double guaze so maybe Far Far Away II ?? I know it's not FFA1 since I have some of that...

Creative 022

Whatever it is I really like it and am thinking of making a bag out of it. Maybe put some up in the swap group if anyone might be interested since it was a larger piece.

I got various scraps which I requested in the note section of the order form. Luckily it was all prints I didn't have already so I can squeeze out about 4 or more coins out of each one.

Here is a couple photos of the scrap pieces.

Creative 021

Creative 017
Creative 018

Heather also sent me these cute little horse patches. I have a co-worker that loves horses so am thinking of making her something with these incorporated in it...IF I can part with them that is.

Creative 024

Last but not least the cutest shorts that I didn't even request but Heather was generous enough to share. I was debating chopping them up for the fabric but they really are adorable and since they fit me I think I'll just keep them and wear them as they are.

Creative 026
I am so glad I took part in this years sale. I can't wait to see what everyone else got.

Anthropology Love

Are these little napkins not the cutest ever???
Honestly I can't use them for wiping hands and faces on. I am seriously contemplating using them in a sewing project....perhaps a pouch or quilt piece.

October 026
October 027
October 022
Still pondering on all the possibilities....any other ideas?

October 017



While I love the colors of fall and the leaves all over the ground, they will soon blow away and we will be left with the gray tones of winter for the next few months.
I decided to take a couple of photos while there was a little color left in my world.

October 034
Pretty soon we'll have to get creative with our photos inside the house.
The bokeh Christmas tree photos will be springing up all over Flickr too which reminds me... I should be working on gifts for this year instead of typing. ;)

Fall = Corn Mazes

Yes folks that's right. We did a corn maze yesterday and it was actually really fun.
Sure families were arguing over what way to go through the corn, the kids got sick of walking after 10 minutes, and I needed water halfway through because my allergies apparently are not corn stalk friendly, but still, it was a beautiful day.
I even got some photos.

Christian was a little more into it than Kody was. I think they both had fun though which was the main goal. Unfortunately since we spent all day outside I wont get any sewing done. Another weekend down the tubes.
Monday my Danita course starts though.


My Creative Space 3

October 031

Here is what I am working on at the moment. I'm still gathering supplies but think I'll be able to start this weekend. Luckily for me my local quilt shop has a decent amount of Patricia Bravo fabric. I just wish they would get the newer lines. :)

Anyway I haven't been around here lately because I wasn't feeling well but I think I'm on the mend now.

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Practice Piece

  Craftweek 029
I grabbed some scraps and decided to practice some more free motion quilting and even some applique and ended up with this.

Craftweek 036
Not sure what I would even call this...a cheesy art quilt?
 I am going to bind it later this week and see if I can figure out what to do with it.

Craftweek 031
Hope everyone is having a good day.