It's Here!!!

Kit 001
My kit for Danita's Free Motion class arrived today. I want to dig in it so bad but am holding out until the online course starts. I am notorious for losing things.
Here's a peek of what's inside. I even got a couple postcards.

Kit 002
Kit 003
It's just too cute beyond words. I am contemplating practicing on something else other than the items in the kit in case I screw up.
This is the 3rd crafty class I am taking this season so I'm going to be really occupied in the next few months and am giving up Flickr activities until I'm done.
I'll still visit blogs on the weekend though so I won't be in creative hiding too much. :)

Kit 004

My Creative Space 2



Working on a special little clutch that I will probably end up keeping for my New York City trip. I have only been to NY once and it was many years ago. I'm definitely looking forward to going now, especially now that I am so involved in creating things. Purl Soho here I come!. :)

I should have the completed clutch up this weekend (as usual) and hopefully I can finish a quilt I am working on as well. It's been cold and rainy this week from a tropical storm and I really wish that I had the quilt finished right now.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. It's almost Friday!!!

For more Creative Spaces go here.


Pleated Fall Bag

Fall1 026
Whew. I finally finished my fall bag. It took a couple of days and a lot of tweaking but it's finally complete.

I was supposed to be doing a post of I guess a tutorial of sorts on this bag for a friend but since there was so much editing as I went I'll just post some photos and come back and put directions later. I need to make another one of these first with my notes and make sure it comes out alright before I even attempt to explain it to someone else. :)

Fall1 016Press

Fall1 020Pleat
Fall1 022
The three P's went smoothly until it was time to attach the top to the pleated part.
I won't get into the details but I ended up cutting some excess fabric and actually ended up with a semi-decent bag. I'll go into more detail of this bags creation soon. Maybe a couple weeks. (I'll let you know when I edit it Amy).

Fall1 023
I am beginning to grow quite fond of pleats.

Fall1 025
On another note I am signing up for Danita's Free Motion workshop. I can't wait!
I am really looking forward to all the Creative Lab classes that are coming. It looks like a fiber arts one is in the works. Of course between that and my art classes I am going to have to choose my favorites. I don't think my bank can afford them all.

Until next time friends. Sigh, Monday......


Sneak Peek

Here are a couple photos of some pouches coming to the shop soon.
I'm trying to get a good amount of stock before putting them up for sale. That way I can just focus on shipping and answering convos etc.

 Sundrop Pouch

Update 011
 Vintage Linen Pouch

Update 008
I'm working on my new bag and so far it's going good. I should have it finished tomorrow. *fingers crossed* it turns out usable.

{Photo} Friday

Do you have a dream journal? This is mine.

Aug29 008
My journal is not used like most dream journals are though. I don't wake up and record what I dreamt about that night. Instead I jot down my future dreams and goals, ideas, wishes, sketches, pretty much anything I think I may want to revisit again.

I keep meaning to fix my blog. The sidebars need some links and I am aware the comment feature is still funky. I have been spending most of my spare time working on shop items though. Tomorrow I am working on a fall bag for me! I've got a vision of how I want this bag to be so I am hoping it will turn out alright. I'll be back Sat or Sun with the results.

Hope everyone gets to create something this weekend. :)

Color and Patterns

My Hawthorne Threads fabric has arrived.

Don't you just love these colors?

Here are a couple of my favorite prints.

Update 016

Update 015
Update 017
I was planning on making a fall bag out of them and any left over fabric will be made into shop items.
Speaking of, I've been working on an update so stay tuned. Hopefully by October I'll have lots of new items listed. I need to find my little Etsy widget and add it on here. :)

Update 013

Mermaid Monday 2/16

I feel bad because it's only week 2 and I do not have a Mermaid Monday photo.
In all honesty though it's not entirely my fault. My camera is having issues and wont take a photo because the "lens contacts are not connecting".

What does that even mean?????
I think I should have taken a photography class or something after I got my camera. I took one over 10 years ago and don't recall ever discussing that. Of course...we didn't have digital screens on our cameras that gave us messages in that class either.

Any-way's here is a picture of something NON mermaid I am working on that I took while doing my studio photos. It's in another art course I took last month and am catching up on.

Sept13 026
To tell you the truth she looks a little alien to me. I was debating fixing her eyes but she's kind of grown on me. I can do something sci-fy with her or something I suppose.
Yeah I like sci-fy, good sci-fy, some is horrendous....

Hope everyone has a good Monday. I'm working on some items for the shop to get rid of some of this fabric I have laying around. I may go into the Artfire deal happening now if my new card gets here in time.

Zakka Potholder Swap Gift

Sept13 049
Here is a final picture of what I was working on Thursday.
A little potholder made out of Japanese linen. I love patchwork and working with linen and cute prints makes me happy. :)

I wish I had gotten better photos but something is wrong with my camera. I am worried I may have to send it in for a repair and who knows how long it would take for it to be returned.
I got one last photo of the potholder and book I am sending.
I hope she likes it.

Sept13 050

Material Obsession 2

Sept13 051

I had pre-ordered Material Obsession 2 and wasn't planning on it arriving until October.
Luckily for me they released it early and it arrived this past Tuesday.
It's a really wonderful quilt book filled with fabulous quilt patterns and beautiful eye candy.

Sept13 053
It was hard to choose but I think I picked the quilt I want to try first. I don't usually use quilt patterns because I am impatient and don't have a lot of sewing time but I am determined to try one before the end of the year. Maybe I'll realize quilt patterns are not as bad as I think.

Here is the one I am going to make.

Sept13 054
It's called Coming Up Roses and has a 2/4 stars for difficulty level.

I was planning on working on it next week/weekend but unfortunately the fabric I was going to get is out of stock EVERYWHERE.


I guess I'll wait a week or so and if it's not back in stock I'll have to find a new fabric line to use. My heart was really set on the High Society prints though.

My Creative Space 1

Sept13 011
I've discovered a new blog today Kootoyoo. Well it's new to me anyway. :)
I've decided to hop on the My Creative Space train and join in the fun.

I've been working on a little patchwork project using linen as a swap gift for someone.
I'll post the reveal Saturday. Tonight we have a teachers conference.

Sept13 025

Studio Photos


Sept13 030
I apologize for the bright-ness of these pictures. For some reason I cannot seem to get good pictures in the loft. They turn out so dark no matter what I do with my camera settings so then I have to boost the photos to an unappealing level.
Maybe a tripod would help....

Anywho, here are some photos of the loft now that it's somewhat cleaned up and organized. 

Sept13 013

Sept13 029

Sept13 037

Sept13 031 copy

My fabric obsession had to be captured :)

 Sept13 033
Sept13 044

  I've actually really been good this year and not bought any fabric. In fact, I don't think I've purchased a single print since maybe February (and Heather Ross's studio sale today). I'm kind of at the point where I'm out of room to store everything. I have all this fabric and no time to sew. I keep pushing back my online shop re-opening date and lately I am wondering if I ever will take down the "on vacation" announcement. This may be a creative space for looking only......



Mermaid Monday 1/16

Sept5 084 copy
I am in Suzi's new class La Sirena!
Now I am not an artist and haven't drawn before except for a couple of Suzi's other courses. Still, I think I can make something somewhat decent and it will get me out of my comfort zone of just sewing.
I figure until January of next year I'll just do a progress post on Mondays of what I've been working on that week. :)

The weather has been so nice lately I've been able to set up a little art area on my back porch.

Isn't it lovely? It is most inspiring sitting up here surrounded by nature.

Also with a nice cup of tea to keep me going.


Sew Retro {Crafty Book Review}

Sept5 099
Have you seen Sew Retro yet? I got it as a gift a few weeks ago and must say it's a really, really, great book.

It's chock full of cute vintage inspired projects

Sept5 101
Designer interviews

Sept5 102
Vintage images scattered throughout the book

Sept5 103
And a fun little time-line with the history of sewing, fabric, patterns etc

Sept5 100
I would recommend this book to anyone that loves sewing and plan on giving a few for gifts this year.
I haven't done any of the projects yet but hopefully once I get some other things done off my list I'll be able to tackle a certain cute little bag out of here.


Apple Festival 2010

Sept5 068

Here are some photos from the Apple Festival we went to last weekend. It was absolutely perfect weather and we really had a great time. My parents happened to be up here that weekend so we all got to go together.

They had music and dancing

Sept5 019


Sept5 030
Sept5 065


Sept5 032 Sept5 033

Sept5 037

Sept5 022

and of course beautiful flowers scattered throughout.
Sept5 027 copy
Sept5 036
The kids rode some rides and really enjoyed the fresh air.

Sept5 062

Sept5 061

This was our first year at the Apple Festival but I am quite certain we'll be going again next year. :)

Sept5 021