Janen 0041

Catchy title huh?
Anyway it pretty much sums up how I have felt the past few days. I haven't been around much this past week because I've been sick and my usual blog time has been spent blog shopping. Yes it's true, after 3 years at this blog I've decided to relocate. I started this blog because of my online stores but now that I am not selling online (or offline sadly) I can't justify paying the blog fee here.
I've setup a couple mock blogs on WP & Blogger and am checking them both out to see which one works best for me. I'll post whichever one I am going to go with when I officially move over. I've still got a few months though here so I'm not rushing. :)

In the meantime, I got some new patterns!!!

Janen 001

And went to this wonderful little fabric store for some more voile.

Janen 002
Janen 003
Garment sewing is quite addicting. I have already started on a new top but since I got sick I haven't felt like sewing lately.
Maybe later this week I can get back on it.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :)


I've been working on these really cute patchwork coasters for my mom. I wanted to use all the smaller scraps from the fabric I won and thought this would be a perfect project.

I mapped out a template and pretty much stuck to it. I combined two spots though about halfway through because honestly...sewing those tiny pieces of fabric together started to annoy me.

I love the prints and I know she will too.

Once I had all the rows done I played around to get the right combination.
I'm only going to post one of the coasters just in case my mom happens to come on here. She usually isn't online except for when I post something I'm making she knows somehow.  :)

I love how they are all unique but yet look great as a set even though the scraps are from 3 or more of Patricia's fabric lines. I quilted it of course and used a simple lined charm square for the back.


I hope she loves them because they are going to be hard to part with.
Until next time friends. :)

Sharing Stitches {Book Review}

 I thought I would share a few pages from the book Sharing Stitches today. It was sent to me yesterday and I absolutely love it! There are loads of great projects inside (Danita's my favorite of course :)) and I can't wait to start on something.

I love the patchwork book cover a lot so I am thinking that may be the first one I attempt. 
as soon as I get some free time that is......

4 : 52 {Glitter Party Clutch}

Not that I ever have parties to attend but decided to make one of these with my left over scraps.
I really like how it turned out. It's cute but not extremely tacky. :)

3:52 {Kwik Sew Top}

 Everyone kept saying "baby steps Staci" start with something easy like a skirt....
As some of you know though I'm rebellious and had to kick off my garment sewing with darts, gathers, ties, and other stuff I can't even remember.

Jan2 007
I have had this Kwik Sew 3376 pattern for a while now and decided to dive in feet first and whip it up.
It didn't turn out too bad and really wasn't hard to sew. The end product just needs some tweaking, although I'm not sure how to go about it yet.

Sew 003
I think once I learn more garment techniques I will be able to fix the funky bust gathers.
For right now though I think it looks best hanging up.
Here is a photo of it in use for any of you curious people. Please excuse the mess in the background and fogged up mirror. I'll replace this photo once I get a remote for my camera...


You can also see my full review on Pattern Review here.


My Creative Space 1

Sew 008
My Creative Space is back! It's seems like it's been so long. :)
I've been working on a throw using up a bunch of random fat quarters. It could either be really pretty...or extremely clashy....
I'll be back in a few days with the finished top so we can find out. I've already got the squares sewn together and just need to add some white fabric. I am hoping by using lots of solid white it will tone down the wild prints a little.

(I'll also be be back at some point with a post on my top. I have it in draft form I just am having issues with getting photos of the top.)

Click here for more spaces this week.

2:52 {RSR Bag}

Jan 029
Wow has this ever been a crazy week. It snowed from Sunday night to Friday here and we got well over a foot of snow total. I love a snow day now and then but when you have it all week and have to be somewhere during the day it gets really annoying.
I realized Friday I hadn't made anything this week and to stick with my sew a week goal I needed something quick to bust out sooooo
Let me introduce you to my Ruby Star Rising bag...

Jan 056
I love this little bag and it was quick, easy, and fun to make.
I used some of the special stitching on my machine that for some reason I never use and loved the effect.

Jan 050
All in all I am really pleased how this came out and if I ever re-open my shop will definitely include some of these.

Jan 053
Now back to sewing my top. Hopefully it will be done next week {and wearable} for project 3. I don't really think I can count a dud project as one of my 52 projects.
I hope everyone is having a crafty (warm) weekend. :)

Twinkle Sews

Dec18 005
As some of you know I am embarking on a new adventure into sewing clothes. I have been wanting this book for about a year now because there are some cute tops I wanted to wear out of it. I've put off getting it though since I can't even sew a simple skirt. Last month however, I finally broke down and purchased it and can't wait to get started.
 I figured I would start off with a skirt since everyone I've talked to said skirts are the best thing to start with when sewing clothes.
This is the one:
Dec18 010
Even though I hate the thought of wasting my time I plan on making it out of muslin first since I don't really know about the sizing and such. Then *fingers crossed* if it turns out okay I can move to my special fabric I bought for it. If anyone has been thinking of purchasing this book it has some really cute patterns in it. Here are a couple I really like.
Dec18 013
Dec18 014
More photos here.
I think my only problem with the book is that the patterns are a pain! They are on a CD and I spent all day yesterday printing out the pages, taping, and cutting just two of them. Some of the patterns are over 40 pages too (those I skipped and will go to Kinko's to save my ink). Has anyone purchased any online downloadable clothing patterns? I am guessing those might be the same way and I really love Jennifer's tunic.and other patterns.

Dec8 024
As long as the skirt comes out wearable though I think the time and effort for these patterns will be worth it. Since we are under a winter storm warning I'll probably be out of work tomorrow and can hopefully finish this skirt up and move on to a top for next weekend!
Be back soon with hopefully something good

1:52 {Bling Pillow}

Dec18 059
I am determined to stick to my goal of sewing something a week. I love to sew and it usually is a rewarding happy experience,  I just need the motivation to actually begin. I decided to take baby steps and start with a simple pillow.

Dec18 052
I got this sequined fabric from Hancocks it was only a couple bucks for the half yard. I like it because it has a little sparkle to it and the fabric was really nice to sew with.
I even had a little helper when it was time to stuff.
Dec18 053

Dec18 058

This pillow was made last weekend but seeing as how Jan 1st was Saturday I'm counting it for the kick off of my 52 weeks of sewing. I think it looks wonderful on my couch and everyone has been using it this past week. I'll be back tomorrow with the grueling process of my skirt for this weeks sewing project. I hope it starts getting easier.

Dec18 064

Ruby & Ty

Jan2 021
It has finally arrived!!! I had almost all of the prints in my cart at one point but when I went to get some fabric from a different collection half of the Ruby Star Rising prints I had sold out! Hopefully there will be another batch ordered or I'll find another shop with some.

Jan2 025
Still I got 5 prints and love them all so I guess I can't complain. Does anyone else have any prints from this collection? It's nice quality and I can't decide what to make with it...

Jan2 023
Jan2 020
I think out of the ones I purchased the cups/teapots on gray is my favorite. :}

Jan2 022
Jan2 028

I also got 3 prints out of Ty's line and after seeing it in person am going to get some more for a quilt. I really love the colors and it will feel good to make something not pink for a change.

Jan2 026
I can't wait until the weekend to start sewing with these new lines.



Bliss Kindle Cozy


I have been enjoying all my time off work during the holidays and have spent most of it hidden in my loft sewing.
I broke out my Bliss candy bar pack and created a Kindle cozy for my new mini Kindle.

Cmas10 035 copy
15 candy bar strips can create the perfect outside for the little Kindle's
and it was fun creating the layout and which prints to use.

JAN 008

Of course there would be some free motion stitching involved since that's all I seem to do anymore.  :)

JAN 009 copy
If I had any more of this fabric I would most definitely try making a quilt because the colors are wonderful.

JAN 010 copy

JAN 017 copy
I did end up cutting about an inch off the bottom to give it a snug fit and added a little elastic hair band and button for security.

Overall I love how this project came out and it's the perfect size to tuck in my purse for work. Plus with the batting and the soft lining I feel like it will be protected.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Years Day!