Wrap-up & Goals For 2011

Aside from May because I was moving, I sewed at least one project each month this year. I made a little mosaic and threw a random photo I took in May to fill the space.
I am pretty pleased with my collection and decided I would make it a goal for 2011 to create something new be it food or art at least once a month.  While I was at it, I thought I would go ahead and make a whole list of goals I wanted to have for the new year.

Bbb 003
How about you? What are your goals for 2011?

The Best Christmas Ever

 Hello friends!
How was your Christmas?
It was a wonderful Christmas for me with the whole family in sunny Florida. We had lots of good food and enjoyed watching the kids rip open all their gifts.
 I think my favorite gift (being the geek I am) had to be this Bamboo Fun tablet my parents got me.

I've been back since Sunday but have been playing with this as soon as I get home from work. I am really wanting to attempt some Spoonflower designs and hope this will help out a bit.
I also got some other creative gifts that I can't wait to play more with when I get a chance.

Cmas10 015
Did anyone else get anything crafty that they were really excited about this year?

(I just realized Bloglines has cut me off and I lost all my links. :( I guess I needed to update anyway so I'll have a new blogroll this weekend)


Quilty Pouches

Dec18 045

Who would have thought I would find some cute fabric at Hancocks?
I usually never go in there except for some interfacing or other supplies.
I came across a sweet little charm pack though when I went in for some fabric for clothing and it made a great little last minute gift for a couple people.

Dec18 065
Dec18 066

I love free motion stitching now. It looks so cozy. :)

Dec18 069

I hope they  like these pouches...and I hope they don't come on here before tomorrow. We are heading out to Florida for Christmas so I'll be away for a few days.

Dec18 070

Art Gallery Grab Bag

Patrbrav 002
Does everyone else love scraps as much as I do? I don't mean to gush but I was beside myself when I opened my mailbox and found this little goody bag filled with Art Gallery scraps. I can't wait to come back from my Christmas vacation in Florida and make something with these beauties.
Here's a few shots of some of the fabric prints.

Patrbrav 003
Patrbrav 004
Patrbrav 005
I love Patricia's fabric designs, the colors, the patterns, it's all wonderful. I never win when I enter in giveaways but the stars aligned and I actually won this fabulous bag of scraps. She even included this handy little catalog so I know what's what. It even has my most anticipate line in it, Bazaar Style. Seriously....I may be getting a bolt of each print out of that. :)

Patrbrav 006

Last Weekend Crunch

Gddec 002
So is everyone as busy as I am as we count down the final days until Christmas?
Things are looking so festive around here as we get closer and closer to the 25th.

Dec18 039
Dec18 038

Kody has supplied us with lots of Christmas decor straight from his 1st grade art class.
We've also been making some homemade ornaments with him drawing on some fabric and free motion stitching over them. I think they are really cute and addicting to make.

Dec4 014
All the shopping, wrapping, and mailing are finished which is wonderful because now I can just realax and....

Dec18 043
....read the new books I received!!
Don't you just love new books?

Dec18 022
I'll have a little review of one later this week, whichever one I go through first. :)

And The Winner Is....


Of course it had to be WAY at the end...and of course I didn't think to count backwards until afterwards. I guess it's hard to think with kids throwing a blow up Minion around my desk while trying to blog. :)

Anyway thanks to Tara's wonderful generator the winner is Laura!!

Smswinner2 I have already emailed you for your address so if you haven't received it please check your spam folder. :)

Thank you to everyone that commented and participated in this giveaway.

I really wish I could have more than one winner. I actually dug around in all my fabric trying to find more of that line but didn't find any. I figure I'll just have to create a new giveaway soon with multiple winners.

I'll be visiting everyone (with a blog) that commented this weekend and can't wait to add some new friends to my reader.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)



SMS Giveaway Day

Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway day has arrived! I thought I would give something away this year and am offering up a little fat quarter bundle of Moda 1974. See below for the fabric. Just leave a comment and I'll draw a winner Friday night.

I will ship international so everyone can have a chance to win. :)

Gddec 004

Christmas Coffee Cozy

Dec4 022 
Soooo someone pressed the cheap button at work and the new coffee cups are so thin they burn your hands. Honestly, I am not even sure if they are actual coffee cups but we have 3 cases of them so I will have to make do.

Dec4 013
As the hot chocolate from Friday afternoon scalded my palm I remembered Terri's coffee cup cozy post and had the "ah-ha" moment. I could fix this little problem of mine and have gifts for the co-workers I like. It was perfect...well..almost.

Dec4 001
I ran out of red thread and since the place I buy my thread is an hour and a half away I ended up having to scrounge around for this sad little spool.

Dec4 003
I did some free motion which I have been practicing on (it's a lot harder than it looks...at least to me) and realized I didn't have any green thread either. Sigh.

Dec4 002
Still, all in all I think the cozy turned out great. I already have a couple more done and then my mom wants one now as well.

I have many other projects and gifts I need to get started on but I keep having all these problems this week...like an ear-ache, sinus infection, a pinched nerve in my neck (which is killing me when I'm cutting fabric), things like that. Unfortunately since we only have a couple more weekends until Christmas I'll just have to keep sewing and hope I don't keel over before the holidays.

How are your handmade Christmas gifts coming along???


My Creative Space 8

I'm working on two things at the moment which is why I haven't been on Flickr and here that much lately. One project is a quilt from this book my mom sent yesterday. I abandoned the other book {only temporarily} since I am working on a Christmas quilt for someone....I only hope I can get it done in time.

Nov1 046
The second thing is catching up on the Danita free motion course. I've been taking lots of notes since the online videos will be going down in a couple months

I hope I'll be back around this weekend with progress on one of these things. Lately my weekdays have been so busy and there are so many things to do with the holidays and not enough time. If you need some inspiration or ideas on gifts I would recommend checking out the Handmade Holidays post.

For more creative spaces or join in the fun hop over to Kirsty's.  :)

Japanese 2011 Planner

Nyc 245
I picked up this super cute 2011 planner in NYC and thought I would share it since it was so cute.

Nyc 247

The attention to detail is really amazing and I love the patchwork.

Nyc 249
The planner is really pretty too with colors and patterns throughout the months. It even has horoscopes and fashion info and even though I can't read it I still like looking at it.

Nyc 250
Nyc 251

The back contains pretty papers for notes and such. I think once the year is over I'll probably use a lot of these pages for art projects.

Nyc 253
Nyc 252
Surprisingly enough I didn't get any Japanese craft books. Trish got two though so I took some photos of them and will post them here since she doesn't have a blog. I didn't get enough time in there to look for craft books myself because I hung around the stationary section too long. Maybe next time. :)


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New York City

Nyc 195
I'm baaaaack!!!
We had a blast visiting my brother in NY, I only wish we had a couple more days to spend there since we didn't have time for everything.
We stayed at the Double Tree in Times Square and it was wonderful. Here is the view out our window.

Nyc 017
I spent a lot of time in the lounge waiting for everyone to wake up in the mornings which was really nice. I would definitely stay in this hotel again if I get to come back to NYC.
One of the cutest shops I went to was the Sanrio store.
Look at the cute chandeliers they had

Nyc 041
Nyc 044

Nyc 129
Nyc 130
Nyc 132

Nyc 082
Henri Bendel was tied with the Japanese book store on top of my favorite shops list.
They had the most unique displays I had ever seen.

Henri Bendel
Nyc 109
Nyc 108
Nyc 110
Nyc 111
Isn't she so cute?
I ended up getting a mini version to hang out with me in the loft.

Nyc 001

Unfortunately I didn't have time to go to any fabric shops. It was strange to me that everything had regular store hours. I guess I just assumed with it being NYC and so close to Christmas the shops would stay open longer. I only got to look through the window at M&J Trimmings since they didn't open until noon on Sunday and we had to be at the theatre then.
I"ll probably do one more post tomorrow with the good photographs I got but now I have a lot of work to do in the loft and we are getting our tree. I'll get back with emails and comments from last week either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  :)

Nyc 036