Japanese 2011 Planner

Nyc 245
I picked up this super cute 2011 planner in NYC and thought I would share it since it was so cute.

Nyc 247

The attention to detail is really amazing and I love the patchwork.

Nyc 249
The planner is really pretty too with colors and patterns throughout the months. It even has horoscopes and fashion info and even though I can't read it I still like looking at it.

Nyc 250
Nyc 251

The back contains pretty papers for notes and such. I think once the year is over I'll probably use a lot of these pages for art projects.

Nyc 253
Nyc 252
Surprisingly enough I didn't get any Japanese craft books. Trish got two though so I took some photos of them and will post them here since she doesn't have a blog. I didn't get enough time in there to look for craft books myself because I hung around the stationary section too long. Maybe next time. :)


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New York City

Nyc 195
I'm baaaaack!!!
We had a blast visiting my brother in NY, I only wish we had a couple more days to spend there since we didn't have time for everything.
We stayed at the Double Tree in Times Square and it was wonderful. Here is the view out our window.

Nyc 017
I spent a lot of time in the lounge waiting for everyone to wake up in the mornings which was really nice. I would definitely stay in this hotel again if I get to come back to NYC.
One of the cutest shops I went to was the Sanrio store.
Look at the cute chandeliers they had

Nyc 041
Nyc 044

Nyc 129
Nyc 130
Nyc 132

Nyc 082
Henri Bendel was tied with the Japanese book store on top of my favorite shops list.
They had the most unique displays I had ever seen.

Henri Bendel
Nyc 109
Nyc 108
Nyc 110
Nyc 111
Isn't she so cute?
I ended up getting a mini version to hang out with me in the loft.

Nyc 001

Unfortunately I didn't have time to go to any fabric shops. It was strange to me that everything had regular store hours. I guess I just assumed with it being NYC and so close to Christmas the shops would stay open longer. I only got to look through the window at M&J Trimmings since they didn't open until noon on Sunday and we had to be at the theatre then.
I"ll probably do one more post tomorrow with the good photographs I got but now I have a lot of work to do in the loft and we are getting our tree. I'll get back with emails and comments from last week either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  :)

Nyc 036

My Creative Space 7

I don't really have anything productive going on in my space since I'm going on vacation tomorrow. So I figured I would just share some photos of things laying around in my loft/sewing room/studio...whatever you want to call it.  :)

Loft 010

Loft 012

I did get this wonderful quilt book today and plan on making something out of it when I return. I'll have a few days off for Thanksgiving so that should give me some sewing time.

1116 006
You can see a cute little video of projects in the books here.
Kody has already put in a request for the robot quilt so that's most likely what I'll start on first.

1116 007
I'll be back next week when I return from NYC.


Artful Blogging, Vintage Fabric, and De-Stash Preview

Artful Blogging
Nothing beats a lazy Sunday with the latest Artful Blogging and my vintage fabric I scored the other day. It's been a long time since I've found good fabric and they looked even better after I washed the thrift store funk off and folded them.
They are just perfect for a future quilt.

Nov1 001Nov1 003
I've spent most of the weekend though going through fabric. I simply must get rid of all this and hope to make at least a little bit of cash back for my new project I have in mind. Here is a small photo of some fat quarters I've gone through so far. I still have a long way to go and will not list anything until I return from NY (23rd).
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Times Square Pouch

Nov1 032
Well, I've been missing in action again around here and Flickr but life's gotten a little out of hand.
Next week is my NYC trip to visit my brother and I decided I needed a cute little pouch to tote around while I'm shopping and walking....lots of walking.

Nov1 002
I used a City Weekend candy bar and made a little patchwork piece for the outside.
I used 5 regular strips and cut 3 in half.

Nov1 026
A lot of people aren't fond of City Weekend and although the pinks are a little too muted for my taste, I think if you get the right combination it will look pretty.

Nov1 028
Look at the dotty goodness...what is wrong with you people that dislike this line????
Just kidding.  :)

Nov1 033
Nov1 035

So there is the finished product. It has a long thin strap and is just big enough for my cards, chap-stick, and cell phone. I am really pleased with how it came out and see more being produced in the future...possibly for my shop....
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am working on a major de-stash in my loft. I have a new project in my mind but don't want to say anything about it yet because with my luck it won't happen if I do. :)

Nov1 034