Saturday Market Skirt

 So I finally finished this patchwork skirt for a friend. I used my scraps of Chocolate Lollipop fabric since that's her favorite line and my newly acquired gathering foot.


 This skirt was time consuming. The project involved 56 squares and top stitching after each seam. I really liked how it turned out though and will be definitely making more in the future. I have some requests for them actually and want to make one for ME!

 I used the tutorial out of Sewing Bits & Pieces but if you don't have this book you can get this skirt tutorial for free here.
Things I will do differently though would be elastic waist band instead of the tie strings. The strings look nice but when tied they bulge your shirt out if you are wearing a knit or close fitted top. Also I will have to look for duller fabric. While this one is going to a person in her teens it's a little too colorful for me to wear. In fact, as I was digging in my stash for some scraps for my next skirt I really don't have any "mellow" fabric. It's all bright and PINK!

Possible fabric choices would be

My Folklore -Lecien
Bohemian - Anna Maria Horner
LouLouThi- Anna Maria Horner
Silent Cinema - The top 5 prints (gray & light pinks)

with lots of solids included.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day today.

My Creative Space

This is a quick Creative Space update this week since I can't seem to have time to blog anymore! Thank goodness it's a 3 day weekend ahead of me. I just hope I can get some crafting time in for my sanity. 
Anyways....I am taking a break from my scrap quilt since I've been working on it for a few weeks now and decided to work on something different. It involves one of my favorite fabric lines so I hope I don't botch this project up and ruin the fabric. I'll be back in a couple days when it's complete....pretty or not.  :)

More Creative Spaces this week here

My Creative Space

My creative space is filled with squares and since I feel like that's all I've been posting lately I decided to change things up a bit. Here is a bag I made the other day using the Made By Rae Buttercup pattern

It is actually a gift for someone so I really hope she likes it. I am thinking she will though since she picked out the fabrics herself.
I should be getting back to cutting squares out of my scrap pile but think I'll skip it and poke around in some other Creative Spaces for a break.
p.s. I am now no longer a no-reply blogger!!! I always wondered why no one ever responded to my questions when I left comments on blogspot blogs.
Thanks to this post I have seen the light. :)
Now I feel silly that I was offended when no one ever responded to any of the questions I left on Blogspot blogs before.......

I've been busy with my scrap pile this weekend.

Initially it was going to be a little pillow cover but I couldn't seem to stop myself from sewing up squares of my favorite fabric. Now I have huge pieces and enough to make a cozy scrap quilt.

I doubt I'll feel up for working on it again until next weekend so it may be finished in a couple weeks.
I just hope it ends up looking okay with all these random bits of fabric and no real pattern.
I hung it up on the wall though and was pleased how it appeared so far.

In other news my mom got a puppy and I'm in LOVE.
Please meet Stella!


My Creative Space

Well this post was intended for last night because I finally had a minute to blog and what to do you know. Blogger was dead the WHOLE NIGHT!
I finally gave up and went to sleep. I miss you TypePad. :(

Well anywho, here is my creative space lately. I have a bunch of little patchwork blocks waiting to be sewn together for a pillow cover I need.
I am really excited because I am using my favorite scraps. Some are Spoonflower swatches too which took FOREVER to get here but I really love. Some I bought from designers on Spoonflower and some are my brothers drawings I edited to make fabric from.
I am really behind on my Reader so will start going through that tomorrow. If you have some blog reading time tomorrow too check out the new Creative Space page. It's bigger..... and sometimes bigger IS better :)

May Skirt

I made a skirt!
Yeah it's simple and pattern-less but I am excited because I'll be wearing it next weekend...maybe...
First I have to figure a way hem it without a serger and still have it look decent. I was going to purchase a serger with my Christmas bonus at work but just couldn't blow all that money on it. Soooo I guess I'll be making clothes and not finishing them completely because I really love making clothes.

With this skirt all I did was use a yard remnant I picked up at Mary Jo's and sewed some elastic on one of the sides.

I then trimmed the bottom so it falls right below my knee and tadaaa

I've now got a cute little skirt to wear with a simple shirt and look nice. Just pretend the bottom is hemmed. I'll figure something out with it soon. :)