September BOM {1}

Canton Village Quilt Works

Have you joined Jackie's Block of the Month sew a long yet?
I did and my September block was a failure.

I chose Kona solids and an Art Gallery print since I have been really into purple and gray lately.

I love the color scheme but am disappointed in how mine came out. I shouldn't have tried sewing it after a long day of work and with the kids distracting me. The main problem is that all the squares don't match up but I'm not sure if I should worry about redoing it or not. I think if I use a lot of stitches when I quilt it maybe the mismatched seams won't be noticeable.
I guess I will put it aside and after a few months when I finish some more blocks see if this one still bothers me.

At least Tosh seems to like it.  :)

My Creative Space ZIP POUCHES

There has actually been some creating this week!!
I've been playing around with some different pouch ideas lately and here are two that I liked the best.

The first pouch is made of patchwork strips from an Amy Butler jelly roll. I like the simplicity of it but I'm debating on adding buttons or trim? I don't know it just doesn't look "finished" to me.....
On the other one I used a rice bag and love the texture of it.

It's  good sturdy little pouch and the first person I showed it to bought it from me. I may have to add some of them in my shop when I reopen it. I think they look interesting and it's great to upcycle!!!

I love making pouches. They are quick fun projects which is great when I need a break from garment sewing.
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August/September Update

Here I am with my post a month. I really hope to get back in the blogging groove again soon. I'm making things and WANT to blog about them...I just don't have the energy to conjure up a post. I think it's because of this months activities that are zapping my energy.
First of all we rescued 2 abandoned kittens from under a woman's porch a couple weeks ago. They were there for awhile and very underweight so we took them in. It's been a full time job getting them healthy and kitty proofing the house.


 I've also been taking serger classes so that's soaked up a lot of free time.
I did a little skirt test this weekend and really like how it came out. I have my idea for my new patchwork one although I think instead of shirring I may just do an elastic casing. Maybe I'll be back before October with progress photos.  :)