break :(

Just popping in to say my computer has crashed (ad-ware virus grrr) so that is why I havent been around. I have been reading blogs on my phone but it's really annoying commenting using my phone because the screen is so small and the autocorrect is a pain. Hopefully my computer will be back soon....or maybe i'll just get an ipad. ;)

**photo from my Flickr account before the computer drama started. I'll have lots of fun patchwork projects to share when I'm back**

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2011

So I've never participated in Amy's Quilt Festival before but figured why not? So here I am :)

I decided to share my Good Folks quilt which I started in March 2009. It took forever to finish it. Especially since I only have made 4 quilts in my lifetime so I am extremely slow once it gets to the quilting and binding part.

I never did blog or upload photos on this particular quilt when it was finished. Not sure why because I do love it. I am curious to see what it does in the first wash though. It's been folded on the corner of our couch forever.

I did a disappearing 9 patch pattern and random free motion quilting. I love Anna Maria's fabric lines they are so rich and give a cozy feeling.

At least I was prepared with this fabric line and still have enough left over for possibly another quilt. Maybe for next years festival!  :)

Click here or the button at the top to visit the festival and see other lovely quilts.

New Pouch

Gee I hate that I am never around here lately but I have been so busy with my destash project it's consuming all of my time.
I did manage to make time to sew a new zip pouch this week out of some fabulous silk dupioni. I really love how it came out and will be making some more next time I sew.

I just love the texture in this type of fabric.

For the inside I used a Patricia Bravo print that I had been hoarding and only wish I had more of.

Have you sewn with silk dupioni before? I think it's a newfound love for me. Sadly it's pretty pricey so I can only get a few fat quarters at a time.

Anyway it's back to my destashing. I'll leave off with a kitty pic....I'm sure you all aren't sick of those already right?  ;)

My Creative Space ANNA SKIRT

Hi friends how has your week been so far? The weather is finally starting to get cold here and personally I am loving it. :)

Anyways my latest project has been this skirt made out of some Anna Maria Horner fabric for a birthday gift. I actually made it a couple weeks ago but couldn't show it until she opened it.
It only took me a couple yards of fabric and some elastic and maybe an hour tops.
I definitely will be making some more of these if I can find some more fabric as wonderful as this.

Click here for more creative spaces this week. I am going to be spending this weekend doing major de-stashing so unfortunately there will be no time for sewing. :(

Modern Blocks (99 quilt blocks from your favorite designers)

Yay! I got my Modern Blocks book early. :)
This book is fabulous and I am really excited about getting started on some of the blocks inside.

Here are a few of my favorites. One of these will be made tomorrow.

My book now has teeth marks in it.

You can see a preview of ALL the blocks by going here.

I am hoping I'll be online more now that the weather is cooler. I apologize for not getting back to blog comments and being late on sending swaps. It's been hard getting back into my routine after summer for some reason.
Anyway starting tomorrow I'll try and catch up. I'm off cut out some templates out now. :)

My Creative Space

This has been my creative space for the past week. I ordered a couple new Japanese patchwork books to help me figure out how to use this one  (that link goes to a post from my old blog if you want to see what the book is).
I've seen some of the blocks out of it popping up on Flickr and decided to dust my copy off and try it out.
My first attempt was a fail but I have a different idea of how to do it now thanks to my new ABC book.

It is also by Kumiko Fujita and has some great projects inside. Here a few photos of some of the pages.

The other patchwork book (on the right) has some wonderful block piecing tutorials and projects. I think between the two I can master the Patchwork Pattern 318 book finally! I'll find out this weekend though after I hopefully get over my cold. :)
Click over here for more creative spaces!

September BOM {1}

Canton Village Quilt Works

Have you joined Jackie's Block of the Month sew a long yet?
I did and my September block was a failure.

I chose Kona solids and an Art Gallery print since I have been really into purple and gray lately.

I love the color scheme but am disappointed in how mine came out. I shouldn't have tried sewing it after a long day of work and with the kids distracting me. The main problem is that all the squares don't match up but I'm not sure if I should worry about redoing it or not. I think if I use a lot of stitches when I quilt it maybe the mismatched seams won't be noticeable.
I guess I will put it aside and after a few months when I finish some more blocks see if this one still bothers me.

At least Tosh seems to like it.  :)

My Creative Space ZIP POUCHES

There has actually been some creating this week!!
I've been playing around with some different pouch ideas lately and here are two that I liked the best.

The first pouch is made of patchwork strips from an Amy Butler jelly roll. I like the simplicity of it but I'm debating on adding buttons or trim? I don't know it just doesn't look "finished" to me.....
On the other one I used a rice bag and love the texture of it.

It's  good sturdy little pouch and the first person I showed it to bought it from me. I may have to add some of them in my shop when I reopen it. I think they look interesting and it's great to upcycle!!!

I love making pouches. They are quick fun projects which is great when I need a break from garment sewing.
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August/September Update

Here I am with my post a month. I really hope to get back in the blogging groove again soon. I'm making things and WANT to blog about them...I just don't have the energy to conjure up a post. I think it's because of this months activities that are zapping my energy.
First of all we rescued 2 abandoned kittens from under a woman's porch a couple weeks ago. They were there for awhile and very underweight so we took them in. It's been a full time job getting them healthy and kitty proofing the house.


 I've also been taking serger classes so that's soaked up a lot of free time.
I did a little skirt test this weekend and really like how it came out. I have my idea for my new patchwork one although I think instead of shirring I may just do an elastic casing. Maybe I'll be back before October with progress photos.  :)

My Creative Space

I have missed joining in the My Creative Space link up and am so excited I have actually made something to share this week.

I had the day off work so I constructed a new little bag made of Japanese canvas fabric and lined it with some Prince Charming by Tula Pink. I sewed most of this handbag using the serger which I must say cuts sewing time down immensely. It's so fast!
I thought a little button to connect the two straps together would be cute and different and I really like how it came out.

I haven't used canvas fabric before in bags but will definitely try it again. It made the final bag have a great weight without having to use interfacing which I really don't like to use. I know most people like interfacing in their bags but to me it ruins the feel of the fabric.
Anyways it's back to sewing small little projects until my invisible zipper foot arrives at my LQS. It's been on order for almost 3 weeks and my garment projects are piling up!!!!

Leaving the Farmer's Wife..and my new repulsion to the aqua/red combo

I hate to say it, but I got bored with the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long. The problem is not the actual quilt-a-long but my bad choice of fabric. I should have gone the scrappy route like most people but I thought having it all in a fabric line I love with matching colors was going to be great.
I guess I forgot about my short attention span and no longer like red & aqua or even want a quilt out of this fabric. So as I sat in my sewing chair staring at all these red & aqua blocks that really look almost exactly alike I decided to split them up for small projects.
Pincushions and lavender sachets are what became of most of them.
As I was looking for buttons for one though I discovered these metal things I had squirreled away, so I made a little coin pouch.

I was excited because I could practice using my new serger which honestly somewhat scares me. More on that later though.

I think it turned out really cute! In fact I want to make some more of them once I find out where to buy those metal pieces.
I'll be back soon with my serger review for sewing pattern and my new patchwork skirt!! Think Anna Maria......again :)

New Addition

I have a new addition to my family....a serger!! This year has been horrible...probably one of the worst years that I can remember. Sooooo I decided to treat myself with something that will be fun and useful.
I have so many halfway done clothes laying around that I never finished because I didn't like the way my sewing machine hemmed them.
I don't think I ever blogged about my Anna Sui pattern I did last year but here is the photo I took of it around November 2010. I actually really liked how this came out and wanted to wear it but didn't know what to do with the edges. The sleeves, neckline, and bottom all need to be finished and now I'll be able to wear it this fall/winter!

My serging class isn't until the end of the month so I'm really impatient to get started on it. In the meantime I am stocking up on more patterns and since summer break is finally over I have my sewing room back and am spending most my free time in it. :)