Bele Chere 2010


We went to Bele Chere for the first time this year and I was worried I would be miserable but we actually had a pretty good time.



I think it was wise that we arrived right as the streets opened because we beat the crowd and some of the heat


This was one of the more interesting booths we came across. I couldn't help but take a photo.

Then we stumbled upon Spider Man. I am still not sure how he stood the 90 degree temperatures in that leotard. 

There were plenty of craft booths and I wish I could have really gone in them and purchased some items. With two little boys though it was impossible to even talk to the vendors or really get close to the trinkets.

Jewelery, Paintings, Clothes....

Bele chere 018
Bele chere 024

I loved how that woman walking by really blended with the booth.
Bele chere 020

I love this booth. The skirts were really cute. I tried googling Orb to see if they had a website but I couldn't come up with anything. :(

This next photo was probably my favorite booth. I love all those folk art pieces for sale. It reminded me of the Willowing class I am taking now.
Bele chere 037
Such cuteness!
I will definitely be going next year as long as I can get a babysitter. I may drag my mom to it as well. She hasn't been in years (since she moved to Florida).

{Photo} Friday


Wow this is the best series I have read thus far.

I am a paranormal genre type and would highly recommend the Kate Daniel's book to anyone else that enjoys these types of novels.
I love the "relationship" of Kate & Curran. That and the fact that it doesn't consume the whole series is what makes it wonderful to me.

I am not sure what happened to this photo actually. It looked normal and went crazy when I uploaded it to Flickr. I figured I would use it anyway though.

Shiny & New


I don't know if it's because I'm in a new house now or what but my blogging love had left me for awhile along with some other hobbies I had. I spent hours reading blogs, blogging, reading about blogs, etc. I would create things to blog about. It's just what I did for years. Then we moved and I became overwhelmed with house projects. I didn't read a blog or even log onto TypePad. Someone had dropped off the new Artful Blogging to me last week though and as I flipped through the wonderful photo layouts and inspiring articles I remembered what I was missing. I still haven't recovered from my creative slump but I do feel I can create posts based on my photos and such so Vintage Fairytale will be my new blog for awhile.
Why Vintage Fairytale?
It was my old email I used and created my Flickr account out of. People that use my photos in magazines and websites use "photo by vintage fairytale" so I figured it's too late to change it now. :)

While I am sure there will be crafty projects in the posts of this blog this isn't going to be a "craft blog". It's more of a personal blog that will fulfill my journal needs. If you happen upon it and enjoy your time here, please leave me a comment or drop me an email.

If you were a reader of my old blog you can still visit it here. I am keeping it up since I get several hits on the Japanese craft book posts still.