Flea Market Fancy Bday Gift

Aug29 013
I showed you this little cutie yesterday but now that I have some decent photos I thought I would re-post it along with the other half of this gift.

Aug29 012
I used some Flea Market Fancy scraps that I have been hoarding forEVER it seems. Along with some fraying canvas. I originally was just testing out my shabby sewing (is that what it's called?) but it turned out so good I decided to include it in a birthday gift.

Aug29 014

Today it was time for some more FMF fun.
The recipient loves zip pouches and such so I made her a little patchwork wristlet.

Aug29 035
It was supposed to have a gusset but honestly I had too much to do today to bother with it so just made it flat. I still think it turned out okay and it was fun working with Flea Market Fancy.

I hope she likes it.

Aug29 032

Next week starts more shop product making. I have spent this whole weekend cutting out pouches and other goodies. I should have been cleaning up my studio though. It's pretty scary.  :)

See you soon!

Aug29 031

Unfinished Edges

I love how fiber artists projects look with the raw edges and fringe. It's really hard for me to try and go there though with my work. I think it's the perfectionist in me. I just want to break free of rules and make something messy but can't seem to do it.
I am going to try though. Once a week just break out of my comfort zone and get my fray on.

{Photo} Friday

Kids 006
I normally don't boost the color so much but I like how this photo turned out. Everything is so vivid. I don't think it will work for all photos though so this wont be becoming a habit.

I feel bad not posting all week but so much is going on right now. I got a new bookshelf in the studio and whatever does NOT fit will be sold on Etsy. I will have a major destash sale and probably some giveaways here on fabric too small to put up for sale.

I'll be so happy to have a clean area that is functional and can get back to business.
I'll be back later this weekend though because I have to make this tote that popped in my head when I was doodling with crayons.


Little Lavender Pillows

Summsunday 005
I've busted into my Moda sampler box today and have been creating these sweet little lavender sachet's.

These squares are about 2 1/2 inches and great for little party favors, wedding trinkets, etc. I am using the Garden Party stack for the lavender pillows.

Summsunday 006

Here's a sneak peek of one so far. I'll do a group shot later this week when I get them all finished. Sewing them isn't the hard part. It's getting the lavender in the tiny opening that takes so long. I should invest in a funnel.

Summsunday 007

Summsunday 009

Summsunday 010
Anyway I hope the recipent will be pleased with them. I may save one for myself now that I think about it.




Went to one of my favorite fabric shops "stitch in time" in Franklin (NC)
They stock a lot of really nice fabric. Unfortunantely we must be in between seasons or something because I couldnt' find any yardage I really wanted. I did however find some books, jelly rolls, charm packs, and a sampler box. I'll be working on some of this during the weekend. Here's some of the loot.

Is this not like candy?


Sweet book



{Photo} Friday

My brother & his beloved guitar.


I actually took this a couple weeks ago but I've been very sick this week and unable to break out the camera. This weekend is a thourough cleaning of the studio because it's time to get my shop back on track.


Bele chere 108
It seemed like such a wonderful day (as wonderful as one can be at work anyway) until I started receiving email receipts from itunes. I don't even use itunes so that led me to conclusion that my previous Gmail hacking from last week had spread.

As I was on eternal hold on the phone with my bank I received ANOTHER email receipt from Paypal for fifty some dollars. The day was turning south fast and the fact someone was on a shopping spree with my money while I was holding started to frustrate me. Finally I got someone at my bank to close my account and I could then contact Paypal and put a hold on that.
Once that was taken care of I went to find the itunes customer service number.
Unfortunately there wasn't a number I could find on their website so I ended up having to send an EMAIL. I am not sure if they will get back to me or not but needless to say if you have an itunes account I would be extra cautious. That's what started this whole disaster of a day and they don't even have a phone number. If they do they sure hid it well.

I feel somewhat paranoid about all this and think I need to limit how many accounts I have all over the internet.I'll probably only keep Flickr, TypePad, Etsy, and my Ning accounts.

I'll be saying farewell to Facebook and all the other random little places I used to visit as well as my email address. If you are still using the stacilf(at)gmail(dot)com please delete it from your address book since I will be creating a new hopefully hacker-proof one.

The lessons I learned in this is:


Those are just some tips...simple and obvious I know but good little things to remember. I started out online doing those things..but then I fell off the wagon somewhere and started being lazy. I am not sure if any of those reasons was the cause for my being hacked. Still, it could have helped prevent this incident.

It's time to start deleting and recreating my online accounts now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
Surely a trip to Barnes & Noble couldn't hurt. :)


Photo Postcards

Summervacation 052

So I ordered some postcards from MOO to see how my photos would turn out on them. I honestly was really surprised they came out so well. I am really bad at getting my pictures printed out (on anything). I put them on here and Flickr and then a few months later will go back and look through them on the computer. These postcards look really nice though and I am toying with the idea of printing some sets out for my shop.

I could do a flower/nature set.

Summervacation 054

Then maybe a crafty girly collection...

Summervacation 055

Maybe no one even uses postcards anymore with the whole email thing these days. I'll put them up next week anyway though and the worst that could happen is that I end up keeping them for Christmas gifts, and that's not so bad now is it?

What do you think? Any post card/other paper product sellers out there? Do you have any thoughts or tips?

Summervacation 053

Denyse Schmidt {Quilt} PhotoShoot


Summervacation 002
Because everyone has a photoshoot starring blankets right?

Summervacation 004
Summervacation 005

My mother said I needed to make some friends as she witnessed me dragging out her oh so cute quilt featuring this Denyse Schmidt fabric. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of this fabric line. I wanted some and had joined a fabric co-op and tried to purchase it but the website went defunct and by the time I found out about it this fabric was sold out on all the other online shops. :(

If anyone knows where I could purchase a fq bundle of this line please, please, please let me know.

Until then I will just have these photos of my moms to gaze at.

Summervacation 003

Goodbye Summer Vacation

Summervacation 011
We spent the last week of summer vacation in Florida. School kicks off next week and it will be back to the usual running around and evening home-work schedule.

Summervacation 007
We spent most of last week lounging by the pool, eating ice cream, and shopping at various festivals and fairs.

Summervacation 006

Summervacation 036

I think the visiting my parents in Florida and their pool was the kids favorite activity the past couple of months.

Summervacation 041

Summervacation 013

I on the other hand am just enjoying the sunshine and colorful flowers. After the horrid winter we had earlier this year I am soaking up what I can of these last few weeks of summer. Sure it's blasting hot and we can only be outdoors for a limited time. However, I know come January we will be wishing for these temperatures.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!

Summervacation 038

{Photo} Friday

Summervacation 030
The first thing we did when arriving in Florida is bop by the Barnes & Noble so I could get a new Stampington magazine. I was in luck that the new Artful Blogging was available.
I immediatly snagged it along with a mocha coconut frappachino and went poolside to indulge.

One of my new favorite artists Kelly Rae Roberts had her blog featured which was really inspiring. There were a lot of other new blogs I haven't heard of before that I need to look up when I return home. One of them is in my very own city of Asheville!
If you haven't purchased an issue of Artful Blogging you really must go to your local bookstore and get a copy. I promise you won't be disapointed. It's what got me blogging again after my 6 month online hiatus. I was bored with blogs and blogging since all I knew were sewing/craft blogs. This magazine opened my eyes to the possibility of a photo blog and I ran with it.

This was supposed to be just a photo today but I guess I went on a tangent of my magazine love. I'll be back later this weekend with Kody's birthday photos.


Happy 6th Birthday Kody!

Summervacation 017 copy
Today Kody celebrates his 6th birthday.
I can't believe how quickly these past few years have gone. Before I know it Christian will be turning 6.

Summervacation 008

Things Kody likes and says lately are:
-Scoops (skittles)
- Lego
- Swimming
-Homebones (homeless people...don't ask)

Summervacation 021
::rainbow cupcake idea from here::


Is your mouth watering yet?



These are by far the best cinnamon rolls I have ever encountered. I just thought I would share it with you.
I haven't seen them in any regular grocery stores but I have in all the "green" markets and stores I have been in. This one specificially came from Earth Fare.


I am going to try out the blueberry scones later this week when I return from Florida.
I am sure I'll be posting pictures of them as always.


Happy August!


Lot's going on while I am preparing my Etsy shop for Christmas.
I am disappointed I was unable to meet my deadline for the back to school products (my usual pouches and pencil cases, etc).

Still, I've been stash busting in hopes that this will be a good selling holiday. Times are tough lately and I won't be making anything off these items. Just enough to cover shipping basically. I am just going to be glad getting rid of all this "stuff" I have everywhere. Zippers, fabric, lining, it's out of control. I'll probably reopen my shop sometime in October. Whatever doesn't sell by January I will be donating to various organizations.

Here are a couple little things I purchases at Stitch In Time. They will be creeping up on projects here in the upcoming weeks.



Hope everyone has a wonderful week this week!


33GSC876APU8 <---- code to register blog please ignore.  :)

Quilted Coasters

 Moving into a new home means new colors and designs.
I have been busy with a list of new items to make for our new abode, one of them being coasters!

I used my favorite method from Purl

I just love the quilted lines on the little squares of fabric. I usually put cheap felt inside of two charm squares and it always turns out really good.

This dotted print was my favorite


Here is the blue side:


and here is the brown:


I am really pleased how they came out. Especially since I haven't sewn in awhile. I am not sure what's next on the "to sew" list but hopefully it will be as much as a breeze as these were to make.

(The fabric used here was Basic Grey *Urban Couture?* line)