New Pouch

Gee I hate that I am never around here lately but I have been so busy with my destash project it's consuming all of my time.
I did manage to make time to sew a new zip pouch this week out of some fabulous silk dupioni. I really love how it came out and will be making some more next time I sew.

I just love the texture in this type of fabric.

For the inside I used a Patricia Bravo print that I had been hoarding and only wish I had more of.

Have you sewn with silk dupioni before? I think it's a newfound love for me. Sadly it's pretty pricey so I can only get a few fat quarters at a time.

Anyway it's back to my destashing. I'll leave off with a kitty pic....I'm sure you all aren't sick of those already right?  ;)

My Creative Space ANNA SKIRT

Hi friends how has your week been so far? The weather is finally starting to get cold here and personally I am loving it. :)

Anyways my latest project has been this skirt made out of some Anna Maria Horner fabric for a birthday gift. I actually made it a couple weeks ago but couldn't show it until she opened it.
It only took me a couple yards of fabric and some elastic and maybe an hour tops.
I definitely will be making some more of these if I can find some more fabric as wonderful as this.

Click here for more creative spaces this week. I am going to be spending this weekend doing major de-stashing so unfortunately there will be no time for sewing. :(

Modern Blocks (99 quilt blocks from your favorite designers)

Yay! I got my Modern Blocks book early. :)
This book is fabulous and I am really excited about getting started on some of the blocks inside.

Here are a few of my favorites. One of these will be made tomorrow.

My book now has teeth marks in it.

You can see a preview of ALL the blocks by going here.

I am hoping I'll be online more now that the weather is cooler. I apologize for not getting back to blog comments and being late on sending swaps. It's been hard getting back into my routine after summer for some reason.
Anyway starting tomorrow I'll try and catch up. I'm off cut out some templates out now. :)

My Creative Space

This has been my creative space for the past week. I ordered a couple new Japanese patchwork books to help me figure out how to use this one  (that link goes to a post from my old blog if you want to see what the book is).
I've seen some of the blocks out of it popping up on Flickr and decided to dust my copy off and try it out.
My first attempt was a fail but I have a different idea of how to do it now thanks to my new ABC book.

It is also by Kumiko Fujita and has some great projects inside. Here a few photos of some of the pages.

The other patchwork book (on the right) has some wonderful block piecing tutorials and projects. I think between the two I can master the Patchwork Pattern 318 book finally! I'll find out this weekend though after I hopefully get over my cold. :)
Click over here for more creative spaces!