Bele Chere 2010


We went to Bele Chere for the first time this year and I was worried I would be miserable but we actually had a pretty good time.



I think it was wise that we arrived right as the streets opened because we beat the crowd and some of the heat


This was one of the more interesting booths we came across. I couldn't help but take a photo.

Then we stumbled upon Spider Man. I am still not sure how he stood the 90 degree temperatures in that leotard. 

There were plenty of craft booths and I wish I could have really gone in them and purchased some items. With two little boys though it was impossible to even talk to the vendors or really get close to the trinkets.

Jewelery, Paintings, Clothes....

Bele chere 018
Bele chere 024

I loved how that woman walking by really blended with the booth.
Bele chere 020

I love this booth. The skirts were really cute. I tried googling Orb to see if they had a website but I couldn't come up with anything. :(

This next photo was probably my favorite booth. I love all those folk art pieces for sale. It reminded me of the Willowing class I am taking now.
Bele chere 037
Such cuteness!
I will definitely be going next year as long as I can get a babysitter. I may drag my mom to it as well. She hasn't been in years (since she moved to Florida).

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