Innocent Peeps Quilt

I can't decide if this is quilt 1 or quilt 2. I made a quilt before but it was like 15 years ago in a class and I really don't remember making it. I wish I still had it but it was ruined in storage during the move so it's no longer with me. :(
Anyway I needed to make an emergency quilt for my mom so broke out some Innocent Crush and Castle Peeps fabric (among others) and busted through a simple design.

I just love how it came out of the dryer. I used free motion meandering stitches and was so excited how well it crinkled up.

I immediately went out and purchased some more throw sized batting when I gave it to her because I think I have an addiction coming on. The hardest part is choosing what quilt to sew next.


  1. This looks gorgeous! I love how that warm sashing really brightens up the quilt. So Lovely!

  2. Hi Staci,
    I am so glad that you came to visit my blog. Thank you for the comment. I love your cranes..In fact I taught my girls scouts to make cranes two weeks ago.
    Your quilt is beautiful, You did such outstanding selection of fabrics and sewing!
    I am so back into sewing, I bought that little black sewing machine pictured in an earlier post so I have a machine to take on the road!
    I am glad that your feeling better, I've been missing your posts!