August/September Update

Here I am with my post a month. I really hope to get back in the blogging groove again soon. I'm making things and WANT to blog about them...I just don't have the energy to conjure up a post. I think it's because of this months activities that are zapping my energy.
First of all we rescued 2 abandoned kittens from under a woman's porch a couple weeks ago. They were there for awhile and very underweight so we took them in. It's been a full time job getting them healthy and kitty proofing the house.


 I've also been taking serger classes so that's soaked up a lot of free time.
I did a little skirt test this weekend and really like how it came out. I have my idea for my new patchwork one although I think instead of shirring I may just do an elastic casing. Maybe I'll be back before October with progress photos.  :)


  1. how beautiful!
    I like red cats so much!

  2. oh my goodness, those kittens are so adorable! I bet they are quite rambunctious. How could you not resist taking them in! Are you planning to keep them? Good for you for continuing your quest to learn and use your serger! Fun to see your garments in progress.