My Creative Space ZIP POUCHES

There has actually been some creating this week!!
I've been playing around with some different pouch ideas lately and here are two that I liked the best.

The first pouch is made of patchwork strips from an Amy Butler jelly roll. I like the simplicity of it but I'm debating on adding buttons or trim? I don't know it just doesn't look "finished" to me.....
On the other one I used a rice bag and love the texture of it.

It's  good sturdy little pouch and the first person I showed it to bought it from me. I may have to add some of them in my shop when I reopen it. I think they look interesting and it's great to upcycle!!!

I love making pouches. They are quick fun projects which is great when I need a break from garment sewing.
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  1. Love the rice bag pouch! I've been experimenting with hessian/bulap lately, and I love the finished products... only, it's not the nicest fabric to work with... all those little fibers everywhere!
    Found you through Our Creative Spaces... xx

  2. Love love love the rice bag! What a fab idea for it, and I bet you could make a ton out of just one :) Very cool!

  3. Pouches are great! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Fun pouches! Love how different these two are. How cool that you sold the rice bag pouch right away. The solids pouch looks quite elegant. Hope you get time to make more to list in your shop.

  5. The rice bag pouch is to die for!

  6. These are so cute! I will try to make some pouches or maybe even pen cases for my friends for Christmas if I get the chance to. Is it any difficult? Do you know where I can get any nice fabric?


  7. L-O-V-E the rice bag one! :) (I have a bit of a thing for text at the moment - so this really fits the bill).