New Pouch

Gee I hate that I am never around here lately but I have been so busy with my destash project it's consuming all of my time.
I did manage to make time to sew a new zip pouch this week out of some fabulous silk dupioni. I really love how it came out and will be making some more next time I sew.

I just love the texture in this type of fabric.

For the inside I used a Patricia Bravo print that I had been hoarding and only wish I had more of.

Have you sewn with silk dupioni before? I think it's a newfound love for me. Sadly it's pretty pricey so I can only get a few fat quarters at a time.

Anyway it's back to my destashing. I'll leave off with a kitty pic....I'm sure you all aren't sick of those already right?  ;)


  1. Beautiful pouch! I love the colors you put together. I have some of this silk fabric too, which I bought in the garment district in NYC. Almost like sewing paper. I also have some of that lining fabric in my stash! If I can find it, I will send some to you.