My Creative Space 7

I don't really have anything productive going on in my space since I'm going on vacation tomorrow. So I figured I would just share some photos of things laying around in my loft/sewing room/studio...whatever you want to call it.  :)

Loft 010

Loft 012

I did get this wonderful quilt book today and plan on making something out of it when I return. I'll have a few days off for Thanksgiving so that should give me some sewing time.

1116 006
You can see a cute little video of projects in the books here.
Kody has already put in a request for the robot quilt so that's most likely what I'll start on first.

1116 007
I'll be back next week when I return from NYC.



  1. Will have to show my little boy the picture of the Robot quilt, I think he will want it too. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. oh a robot quilt, totally cool. love the name of that book, too. and thanks for sharing photos of your space...

  3. Thanks Teresa, it was a wonderful holiday. I really liked this book because it had a lot of quilts for boys. It's so hard to find cute things to make boys. :)