Times Square Pouch

Nov1 032
Well, I've been missing in action again around here and Flickr but life's gotten a little out of hand.
Next week is my NYC trip to visit my brother and I decided I needed a cute little pouch to tote around while I'm shopping and walking....lots of walking.

Nov1 002
I used a City Weekend candy bar and made a little patchwork piece for the outside.
I used 5 regular strips and cut 3 in half.

Nov1 026
A lot of people aren't fond of City Weekend and although the pinks are a little too muted for my taste, I think if you get the right combination it will look pretty.

Nov1 028
Look at the dotty goodness...what is wrong with you people that dislike this line????
Just kidding.  :)

Nov1 033
Nov1 035

So there is the finished product. It has a long thin strap and is just big enough for my cards, chap-stick, and cell phone. I am really pleased with how it came out and see more being produced in the future...possibly for my shop....
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am working on a major de-stash in my loft. I have a new project in my mind but don't want to say anything about it yet because with my luck it won't happen if I do. :)

Nov1 034


  1. ps - forgot to mention that I would buy one of these from you if you listed some in your shop.

  2. What a super adorable purse! I love those fabrics. Love that long strap too.
    So you are going to be in NYC next week? So are we! We arrive on Thursday, the 18th and stay until Monday, the 22nd. What are your plans?

  3. Thanks so much Terri,
    I am hoping I'll be able to do what you have done and quit the office job so I can go back to school and sew on the side. Maybe next year or the year after but it's something to look forward to. :)