Japanese 2011 Planner

Nyc 245
I picked up this super cute 2011 planner in NYC and thought I would share it since it was so cute.

Nyc 247

The attention to detail is really amazing and I love the patchwork.

Nyc 249
The planner is really pretty too with colors and patterns throughout the months. It even has horoscopes and fashion info and even though I can't read it I still like looking at it.

Nyc 250
Nyc 251

The back contains pretty papers for notes and such. I think once the year is over I'll probably use a lot of these pages for art projects.

Nyc 253
Nyc 252
Surprisingly enough I didn't get any Japanese craft books. Trish got two though so I took some photos of them and will post them here since she doesn't have a blog. I didn't get enough time in there to look for craft books myself because I hung around the stationary section too long. Maybe next time. :)


Don't mind this link below. I am trying this new reader out.

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  1. What a cool calendar! I love all those pretty details too. And those inside pages, especially the fashion illustrations, are so fun!

  2. Please let us know where you purchased the planner....and where in NYC you buy your craft magazines, thank you!

  3. Hi Monica,
    Kinokuniya is the bookstore where I get my Japanese books & the planner. They are right around Bryant Park. :)

  4. Thank you Staci, the next time I "go home" to NYC I will make Kinokuniya a stop. Also, I'll watch your blog for ideas about fabric stores (remnants, old kimono, and more).
    Thank you, happy new year!