May Skirt

I made a skirt!
Yeah it's simple and pattern-less but I am excited because I'll be wearing it next weekend...maybe...
First I have to figure a way hem it without a serger and still have it look decent. I was going to purchase a serger with my Christmas bonus at work but just couldn't blow all that money on it. Soooo I guess I'll be making clothes and not finishing them completely because I really love making clothes.

With this skirt all I did was use a yard remnant I picked up at Mary Jo's and sewed some elastic on one of the sides.

I then trimmed the bottom so it falls right below my knee and tadaaa

I've now got a cute little skirt to wear with a simple shirt and look nice. Just pretend the bottom is hemmed. I'll figure something out with it soon. :)

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  1. Wow, good for you Staci! This skirt looks beautiful. I love the color, and the fabric looks heavenly to wear.