Saturday Market Skirt

 So I finally finished this patchwork skirt for a friend. I used my scraps of Chocolate Lollipop fabric since that's her favorite line and my newly acquired gathering foot.


 This skirt was time consuming. The project involved 56 squares and top stitching after each seam. I really liked how it turned out though and will be definitely making more in the future. I have some requests for them actually and want to make one for ME!

 I used the tutorial out of Sewing Bits & Pieces but if you don't have this book you can get this skirt tutorial for free here.
Things I will do differently though would be elastic waist band instead of the tie strings. The strings look nice but when tied they bulge your shirt out if you are wearing a knit or close fitted top. Also I will have to look for duller fabric. While this one is going to a person in her teens it's a little too colorful for me to wear. In fact, as I was digging in my stash for some scraps for my next skirt I really don't have any "mellow" fabric. It's all bright and PINK!

Possible fabric choices would be

My Folklore -Lecien
Bohemian - Anna Maria Horner
LouLouThi- Anna Maria Horner
Silent Cinema - The top 5 prints (gray & light pinks)

with lots of solids included.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day today.

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  1. Gasp! I want one! especially in such fabulous fabrics as chocolate lollipop! Well done, Staci!

    I have that book so I suppose I could try making one myself instead of commissioning you to make one for me! lol I agree with the change to the waist with elastic instead of drawstrings. I think I would also want mine a shorter length.

    I'm definitely inspired to try one in the new Loulouthi prints!