New Addition

I have a new addition to my family....a serger!! This year has been horrible...probably one of the worst years that I can remember. Sooooo I decided to treat myself with something that will be fun and useful.
I have so many halfway done clothes laying around that I never finished because I didn't like the way my sewing machine hemmed them.
I don't think I ever blogged about my Anna Sui pattern I did last year but here is the photo I took of it around November 2010. I actually really liked how this came out and wanted to wear it but didn't know what to do with the edges. The sleeves, neckline, and bottom all need to be finished and now I'll be able to wear it this fall/winter!

My serging class isn't until the end of the month so I'm really impatient to get started on it. In the meantime I am stocking up on more patterns and since summer break is finally over I have my sewing room back and am spending most my free time in it. :)

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  1. Awesome purchase! I think that's probably why I haven't sewn many clothes lately. I'm worried about how to finish the hems and edges. Would love to hear how you like this serger. I always love the clothes you make!