Happy Halloween!

Sugar Cookies
Not much crafting has been done this weekend with the Halloween holiday and all. Personally Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I really do not like the color orange...or yellow.....or red. Basically all the colors you see revolving around Halloween.
However, I do like looking at all the kids in their costumes and our family Halloween party so I figured I could suck it up and take some pictures anyway to humor my family members.

Halloween 029
Friday we had our family party which consisted of lots of really good food. There was even a fondue fountain which I messed up by losing my strawberry in.

Halloween 019
Halloween 018

Halloween 038

Halloween 031

Halloween 035
Halloween 036
Halloween 040

Toppers via Bake It Pretty

Halloween 027
Halloween 025
Saturday we were at Hoopla (fall festival type event) most of the day since we don't trick or treat but maybe today I'll get some time in my loft. I also need to work on my blog too. I don't know if my links on the sidebar will be gone tomorrow once Bloglines closes or not but don't want to take the chance.
Hope everyone has a great Halloween.  :)

Halloween 012


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  1. looks like such a FUN party! My mouth is watering over the food, but I really love all the little decorations. Those costumes look fun too. Hope they got lots of yummy candy!