Heather Ross Studio Sale

Best mail day EVER!!

My Heather Ross loot came and I couldn't be more pleased with my package. Here are some close ups and details of what I got :

These two were the ones I requested and I am most excited about. They are going to go right into my coin quilt asap. I got at least a fat quarter out of them.

Creative 019
Creative 023

The Rabbits & Racecars was maybe fat eighths size? I didn't have any of that print yet so into the coin quilt it will go.

Creative 020

 I got a pretty decent sized piece of this but am not sure what line it's from...it's double guaze so maybe Far Far Away II ?? I know it's not FFA1 since I have some of that...

Creative 022

Whatever it is I really like it and am thinking of making a bag out of it. Maybe put some up in the swap group if anyone might be interested since it was a larger piece.

I got various scraps which I requested in the note section of the order form. Luckily it was all prints I didn't have already so I can squeeze out about 4 or more coins out of each one.

Here is a couple photos of the scrap pieces.

Creative 021

Creative 017
Creative 018

Heather also sent me these cute little horse patches. I have a co-worker that loves horses so am thinking of making her something with these incorporated in it...IF I can part with them that is.

Creative 024

Last but not least the cutest shorts that I didn't even request but Heather was generous enough to share. I was debating chopping them up for the fabric but they really are adorable and since they fit me I think I'll just keep them and wear them as they are.

Creative 026
I am so glad I took part in this years sale. I can't wait to see what everyone else got.

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  1. Wow, you got a huge loot of goodies! How fun to receive such a nice variety, many prints I haven't seen. I love trading these kinds of odds-and-ends with others; there's always new treasures to discover.