My Creative Space 8

I'm working on two things at the moment which is why I haven't been on Flickr and here that much lately. One project is a quilt from this book my mom sent yesterday. I abandoned the other book {only temporarily} since I am working on a Christmas quilt for someone....I only hope I can get it done in time.

Nov1 046
The second thing is catching up on the Danita free motion course. I've been taking lots of notes since the online videos will be going down in a couple months

I hope I'll be back around this weekend with progress on one of these things. Lately my weekdays have been so busy and there are so many things to do with the holidays and not enough time. If you need some inspiration or ideas on gifts I would recommend checking out the Handmade Holidays post.

For more creative spaces or join in the fun hop over to Kirsty's.  :)


  1. I always love hearing more about what you're working on in your new creative space! Cute little block with the shroom in the center. Can't wait to see more of your Christmas quilt when you can show it.

  2. Love your blog , I looked a bit around......

  3. Thanks Terri!
    I am worried I may not have enough time to finish the quilt but if it's a little late I don't think the receiver will mind too much. :)

  4. We always need to try and remember to slow down and enjoy what we are working good luck with finishing the projects. Thanks for stopping by my space.