Art Gallery Grab Bag

Patrbrav 002
Does everyone else love scraps as much as I do? I don't mean to gush but I was beside myself when I opened my mailbox and found this little goody bag filled with Art Gallery scraps. I can't wait to come back from my Christmas vacation in Florida and make something with these beauties.
Here's a few shots of some of the fabric prints.

Patrbrav 003
Patrbrav 004
Patrbrav 005
I love Patricia's fabric designs, the colors, the patterns, it's all wonderful. I never win when I enter in giveaways but the stars aligned and I actually won this fabulous bag of scraps. She even included this handy little catalog so I know what's what. It even has my most anticipate line in it, Bazaar Style. Seriously....I may be getting a bolt of each print out of that. :)

Patrbrav 006


  1. I do love grab bags full of scraps too! Pat's fabrics are so gorgeous - how lucky that you won these treasures. Have fun playing!

  2. I was eyeballing that same fabric at the scrapbook store only tonight. Lucky girl! Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Thank you Gigi
    I can't wait to get back from vacation and sew with them. :)

  4. Thanks Terri,
    I love her fabric and can't wait to play! :)