Wrap-up & Goals For 2011

Aside from May because I was moving, I sewed at least one project each month this year. I made a little mosaic and threw a random photo I took in May to fill the space.
I am pretty pleased with my collection and decided I would make it a goal for 2011 to create something new be it food or art at least once a month.  While I was at it, I thought I would go ahead and make a whole list of goals I wanted to have for the new year.

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How about you? What are your goals for 2011?


  1. Good luck with your resolutions! I'm also trying to sew one project a week. If you're interested, I'm hosting a Crafty Resolutions Link Up at http://ow.ly/3vJrc and it's easy to add your blog link

  2. Thank you Lindsay! I am off to see your link now. :)

  3. Hopefully we can meet soon and I can teach you to make your own amigurumi mermaids and Stephens! (PS. Forgive me for being totally weird and randomly commenting on your journal. I'm just totally in love with your craftyness.)

  4. Thanks Kate you're not weird at all. Thanks for the compliment. I should be down there at the end of January so hopefully you all will still be in Florida. I just missed you after Christmas I think. :(

  5. I love all these creations you made in 2010! What an amazing year you had - lots of adventure. I bet you are happy to finally be settled in your new house now. I really love your 2011 goals - achievable and fun. Can't wait to see more of what the new year brings for you!
    PS - I would like to learn to sew clothes again too. Wanna do it together? ;-)

  6. We should!! I kept seeing Jennifer P's cute top patterns everywhere and it is torture not knowing how to sew them. I bought a Kwick Sew pattern and a bunch of muslin to practice on and am just hoping I am not going to screw it up too bad.
    I haven't even made a simple skirt yet so it could be scary...... :)