Hey everyone. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.
I've been a really horrible blogger so far this year and I don't really know why. I guess since I haven't had much time to sew, I haven't had anything to blog about.
I've been spending most of my free time outdoors planting some things in our {dirt}
yard and spending time on my deck sketching. Last year I made a nice little creative place for drawing and reading and can't wait for the leaves to grow back on the trees so I can hang there again.
I purchased the cutest little journal at Malaprops yesterday that I adore and think I'll actually stick with. The illustrations are really sweet that are placed throughout the book. They also can be ripped out and used as postcards, but I don't see myself parting with them.

I even started on my first page.

Does anyone else art journal or have a regular (not online) journal they write in? Is anyone like me and have about 10 of them partially used and then abandoned? Well, I'm determined to finish this one. It's huge (half with lines and half blank pages) but I'm hoping the cute factor will keep me entertained with it.
I should be working on my moms buttercup bag now though instead of playing online so I'll be back later this week!


  1. That is a cute journal! I'm so happy to hear you've picked up journaling and art again. Cool to see one of your illustrations too! One of my art teachers said that the actual journal or sketchbook can make all the difference in whether we will use it and fill it up with art. Hope you found the right one! (and keep sharing!)

  2. Cool journal. I have three but trying to narrow it down to one. show us the sketches!