Material Obsession 2

Sept13 051

I had pre-ordered Material Obsession 2 and wasn't planning on it arriving until October.
Luckily for me they released it early and it arrived this past Tuesday.
It's a really wonderful quilt book filled with fabulous quilt patterns and beautiful eye candy.

Sept13 053
It was hard to choose but I think I picked the quilt I want to try first. I don't usually use quilt patterns because I am impatient and don't have a lot of sewing time but I am determined to try one before the end of the year. Maybe I'll realize quilt patterns are not as bad as I think.

Here is the one I am going to make.

Sept13 054
It's called Coming Up Roses and has a 2/4 stars for difficulty level.

I was planning on working on it next week/weekend but unfortunately the fabric I was going to get is out of stock EVERYWHERE.


I guess I'll wait a week or so and if it's not back in stock I'll have to find a new fabric line to use. My heart was really set on the High Society prints though.

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