{Photo} Friday

Sept5 089

I go through spells where I feel sad and alone. I get angry at everyone and am envious of the lives of those around me. I want to give up blogging, Flickr, sewing, etc.
I sort of go in a "hermit" mode for a few days even weeks.

Sept5 094

Then something catches my eye. A flower or a piece of jewellery and it invokes inspiration. I bring my camera back out from it's bag and snap a photo. I then go to Flickr to upload the image. Upon being on Flickr I see other peoples photos and engage in a conversation. Soon I am back to normal (my normal) and feel the urge to create again.

Sept5 090

My latest mood enhancing photograph was when I stumbled across these old crazy beaded earrings I got many years ago before children. I loved these earrings. They are huge, tacky, and I would never where them now. The second I saw them though I felt they needed to be photographed.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be uploading the Apple Festival pictures sometime tomorrow. Then I will be starting my Mermaid art course so will have some photos of the progress on that. :)


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