Pleated Fall Bag

Fall1 026
Whew. I finally finished my fall bag. It took a couple of days and a lot of tweaking but it's finally complete.

I was supposed to be doing a post of I guess a tutorial of sorts on this bag for a friend but since there was so much editing as I went I'll just post some photos and come back and put directions later. I need to make another one of these first with my notes and make sure it comes out alright before I even attempt to explain it to someone else. :)

Fall1 016Press

Fall1 020Pleat
Fall1 022
The three P's went smoothly until it was time to attach the top to the pleated part.
I won't get into the details but I ended up cutting some excess fabric and actually ended up with a semi-decent bag. I'll go into more detail of this bags creation soon. Maybe a couple weeks. (I'll let you know when I edit it Amy).

Fall1 023
I am beginning to grow quite fond of pleats.

Fall1 025
On another note I am signing up for Danita's Free Motion workshop. I can't wait!
I am really looking forward to all the Creative Lab classes that are coming. It looks like a fiber arts one is in the works. Of course between that and my art classes I am going to have to choose my favorites. I don't think my bank can afford them all.

Until next time friends. Sigh, Monday......


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