Mermaid Monday 2/16

I feel bad because it's only week 2 and I do not have a Mermaid Monday photo.
In all honesty though it's not entirely my fault. My camera is having issues and wont take a photo because the "lens contacts are not connecting".

What does that even mean?????
I think I should have taken a photography class or something after I got my camera. I took one over 10 years ago and don't recall ever discussing that. Of course...we didn't have digital screens on our cameras that gave us messages in that class either.

Any-way's here is a picture of something NON mermaid I am working on that I took while doing my studio photos. It's in another art course I took last month and am catching up on.

Sept13 026
To tell you the truth she looks a little alien to me. I was debating fixing her eyes but she's kind of grown on me. I can do something sci-fy with her or something I suppose.
Yeah I like sci-fy, good sci-fy, some is horrendous....

Hope everyone has a good Monday. I'm working on some items for the shop to get rid of some of this fabric I have laying around. I may go into the Artfire deal happening now if my new card gets here in time.

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