Bliss Kindle Cozy


I have been enjoying all my time off work during the holidays and have spent most of it hidden in my loft sewing.
I broke out my Bliss candy bar pack and created a Kindle cozy for my new mini Kindle.

Cmas10 035 copy
15 candy bar strips can create the perfect outside for the little Kindle's
and it was fun creating the layout and which prints to use.

JAN 008

Of course there would be some free motion stitching involved since that's all I seem to do anymore.  :)

JAN 009 copy
If I had any more of this fabric I would most definitely try making a quilt because the colors are wonderful.

JAN 010 copy

JAN 017 copy
I did end up cutting about an inch off the bottom to give it a snug fit and added a little elastic hair band and button for security.

Overall I love how this project came out and it's the perfect size to tuck in my purse for work. Plus with the batting and the soft lining I feel like it will be protected.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Years Day!



  1. I love it! I love the colors of the Bliss collection. (think I have a couple charm packs waiting for inspiration) This looks like a perfect fit for your Kindle. How fun to carry it around in such an adorable case.

  2. Very cute, and I like that collection, too! I think my favorite print is the red berries on the aqua background.
    I received a Nook e-reader for Christmas and have been resisting the big time urge to craft a cozy for it. I don't really need one, since I was given a very cute hardback cover to go with it.... Not sure if that will stop me. :)

  3. I just spent 20 mins googling for this fabric in a layer cake or charm pack and can't find it anywhere :(....... this case you made for your kindle.
    Shannon Margaret

  4. Thanks Terri I hadn't even heard of this line but had one of those Moda Candy Bar boxes with this in it. If I had known though how awesome it was I would have probably bought a fq bundle.

  5. Thank you Jennifer. The aqua print is my favorite too. I think you should go ahead and make a little cozy for your Nook. You can always use both. :)
    I will probably get a hard case for my Kindle at some point for traveling and such.

  6. Thank you Shannon Margaret. I sent a link to your email where I know someone has at least a charm pack available. I hope you can get it. :)

  7. Love your blog! The kindle cozy turned out so sweet. You are inspiring me to get up and sew today. Pinky