Denyse Schmidt {Quilt} PhotoShoot


Summervacation 002
Because everyone has a photoshoot starring blankets right?

Summervacation 004
Summervacation 005

My mother said I needed to make some friends as she witnessed me dragging out her oh so cute quilt featuring this Denyse Schmidt fabric. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of this fabric line. I wanted some and had joined a fabric co-op and tried to purchase it but the website went defunct and by the time I found out about it this fabric was sold out on all the other online shops. :(

If anyone knows where I could purchase a fq bundle of this line please, please, please let me know.

Until then I will just have these photos of my moms to gaze at.

Summervacation 003


  1. Hope Valley. I have some 5" squares and a scrap pack in my shop. We could swap if you want!

  2. Thanks Alison!
    I completely forgot all about Hope Valley I don't think I have purchased any fabric this whole year which is very unlike me. I believe it's time to mosey over to Etsy this weekend and fix that. :)