Goodbye Summer Vacation

Summervacation 011
We spent the last week of summer vacation in Florida. School kicks off next week and it will be back to the usual running around and evening home-work schedule.

Summervacation 007
We spent most of last week lounging by the pool, eating ice cream, and shopping at various festivals and fairs.

Summervacation 006

Summervacation 036

I think the visiting my parents in Florida and their pool was the kids favorite activity the past couple of months.

Summervacation 041

Summervacation 013

I on the other hand am just enjoying the sunshine and colorful flowers. After the horrid winter we had earlier this year I am soaking up what I can of these last few weeks of summer. Sure it's blasting hot and we can only be outdoors for a limited time. However, I know come January we will be wishing for these temperatures.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!

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