Photo Postcards

Summervacation 052

So I ordered some postcards from MOO to see how my photos would turn out on them. I honestly was really surprised they came out so well. I am really bad at getting my pictures printed out (on anything). I put them on here and Flickr and then a few months later will go back and look through them on the computer. These postcards look really nice though and I am toying with the idea of printing some sets out for my shop.

I could do a flower/nature set.

Summervacation 054

Then maybe a crafty girly collection...

Summervacation 055

Maybe no one even uses postcards anymore with the whole email thing these days. I'll put them up next week anyway though and the worst that could happen is that I end up keeping them for Christmas gifts, and that's not so bad now is it?

What do you think? Any post card/other paper product sellers out there? Do you have any thoughts or tips?

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