{Photo} Friday

Summervacation 030
The first thing we did when arriving in Florida is bop by the Barnes & Noble so I could get a new Stampington magazine. I was in luck that the new Artful Blogging was available.
I immediatly snagged it along with a mocha coconut frappachino and went poolside to indulge.

One of my new favorite artists Kelly Rae Roberts had her blog featured which was really inspiring. There were a lot of other new blogs I haven't heard of before that I need to look up when I return home. One of them is in my very own city of Asheville!
If you haven't purchased an issue of Artful Blogging you really must go to your local bookstore and get a copy. I promise you won't be disapointed. It's what got me blogging again after my 6 month online hiatus. I was bored with blogs and blogging since all I knew were sewing/craft blogs. This magazine opened my eyes to the possibility of a photo blog and I ran with it.

This was supposed to be just a photo today but I guess I went on a tangent of my magazine love. I'll be back later this weekend with Kody's birthday photos.


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