3:52 {Kwik Sew Top}

 Everyone kept saying "baby steps Staci" start with something easy like a skirt....
As some of you know though I'm rebellious and had to kick off my garment sewing with darts, gathers, ties, and other stuff I can't even remember.

Jan2 007
I have had this Kwik Sew 3376 pattern for a while now and decided to dive in feet first and whip it up.
It didn't turn out too bad and really wasn't hard to sew. The end product just needs some tweaking, although I'm not sure how to go about it yet.

Sew 003
I think once I learn more garment techniques I will be able to fix the funky bust gathers.
For right now though I think it looks best hanging up.
Here is a photo of it in use for any of you curious people. Please excuse the mess in the background and fogged up mirror. I'll replace this photo once I get a remote for my camera...


You can also see my full review on Pattern Review here.



  1. What a pretty top! Good for you for tackling one with tougher techniques like darts and gathers. Love the fabric you chose too. I give you lots of credit for tackling this adventure. One day, I hope to try making a top too!

  2. You did great for your first garment! The material and stlye looks great! I think it's ashame not to take the front apart to fix it, cause it's so cute on you, you need to flaunt it!

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