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Dec18 005
As some of you know I am embarking on a new adventure into sewing clothes. I have been wanting this book for about a year now because there are some cute tops I wanted to wear out of it. I've put off getting it though since I can't even sew a simple skirt. Last month however, I finally broke down and purchased it and can't wait to get started.
 I figured I would start off with a skirt since everyone I've talked to said skirts are the best thing to start with when sewing clothes.
This is the one:
Dec18 010
Even though I hate the thought of wasting my time I plan on making it out of muslin first since I don't really know about the sizing and such. Then *fingers crossed* if it turns out okay I can move to my special fabric I bought for it. If anyone has been thinking of purchasing this book it has some really cute patterns in it. Here are a couple I really like.
Dec18 013
Dec18 014
More photos here.
I think my only problem with the book is that the patterns are a pain! They are on a CD and I spent all day yesterday printing out the pages, taping, and cutting just two of them. Some of the patterns are over 40 pages too (those I skipped and will go to Kinko's to save my ink). Has anyone purchased any online downloadable clothing patterns? I am guessing those might be the same way and I really love Jennifer's tunic.and other patterns.

Dec8 024
As long as the skirt comes out wearable though I think the time and effort for these patterns will be worth it. Since we are under a winter storm warning I'll probably be out of work tomorrow and can hopefully finish this skirt up and move on to a top for next weekend!
Be back soon with hopefully something good

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  1. This looks like a great book! I love the designs, which look like pieces I would wear. After reading the description of the book at Amazon, I wondered how much of a pain those patterns would be. Looks like a lot of printing, but I hope it's worth the prep work. Have fun!