Janen 0041

Catchy title huh?
Anyway it pretty much sums up how I have felt the past few days. I haven't been around much this past week because I've been sick and my usual blog time has been spent blog shopping. Yes it's true, after 3 years at this blog I've decided to relocate. I started this blog because of my online stores but now that I am not selling online (or offline sadly) I can't justify paying the blog fee here.
I've setup a couple mock blogs on WP & Blogger and am checking them both out to see which one works best for me. I'll post whichever one I am going to go with when I officially move over. I've still got a few months though here so I'm not rushing. :)

In the meantime, I got some new patterns!!!

Janen 001

And went to this wonderful little fabric store for some more voile.

Janen 002
Janen 003
Garment sewing is quite addicting. I have already started on a new top but since I got sick I haven't felt like sewing lately.
Maybe later this week I can get back on it.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :)


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  1. great patterns. I'll have to go to that fabric store next time im in town. =}