2:52 {RSR Bag}

Jan 029
Wow has this ever been a crazy week. It snowed from Sunday night to Friday here and we got well over a foot of snow total. I love a snow day now and then but when you have it all week and have to be somewhere during the day it gets really annoying.
I realized Friday I hadn't made anything this week and to stick with my sew a week goal I needed something quick to bust out sooooo
Let me introduce you to my Ruby Star Rising bag...

Jan 056
I love this little bag and it was quick, easy, and fun to make.
I used some of the special stitching on my machine that for some reason I never use and loved the effect.

Jan 050
All in all I am really pleased how this came out and if I ever re-open my shop will definitely include some of these.

Jan 053
Now back to sewing my top. Hopefully it will be done next week {and wearable} for project 3. I don't really think I can count a dud project as one of my 52 projects.
I hope everyone is having a crafty (warm) weekend. :)


  1. What a pretty snowy scene! Hope you're staying warm.
    Love your new bag! That stitching works perfectly with the fabrics. And I love the zipper fob you added. Can't wait to hear more about your new top.

  2. awww! your bag is super-cute! love it.

  3. Thanks Terri! I love how this bag came out. I just need to find a shop that still has more of this fabric left because I'm almost out of it. :)

  4. Thank you for the compliment Melody! I love your fabric and didn't even think to look up your blog. :)

  5. Hi Staci,
    Thanks for your visits!I haven't been sewing lately and I absolutely love the bag. The fabrics with the decoratve stitching you used to create it are fab! I am so anxious to get my sewing machine back. The power box broke and had to be replaced with a few other things. Another part broke while it was being fixed so I have been without it for over a month. So I am looking at your projects with awe!

  6. Hey Gigi!
    I am sorry about your machine :( I know how frustrating it is to be without one. Mine was in storage for 6 months while we moved last year and I think I went through withdrawals.
    I hope you get it back soon. :)