I've been working on these really cute patchwork coasters for my mom. I wanted to use all the smaller scraps from the fabric I won and thought this would be a perfect project.

I mapped out a template and pretty much stuck to it. I combined two spots though about halfway through because honestly...sewing those tiny pieces of fabric together started to annoy me.

I love the prints and I know she will too.

Once I had all the rows done I played around to get the right combination.
I'm only going to post one of the coasters just in case my mom happens to come on here. She usually isn't online except for when I post something I'm making her...like she knows somehow.  :)

I love how they are all unique but yet look great as a set even though the scraps are from 3 or more of Patricia's fabric lines. I quilted it of course and used a simple lined charm square for the back.


I hope she loves them because they are going to be hard to part with.
Until next time friends. :)

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